wholesale crystal pro max

Elevate your vaping experience with the stunning Crystal Pro Max + 10k, a disposable pod that provides superior quality and top-tier performance. Designed to be maintenance-free and user-friendly, this sleek device comes pre-charged with a pure cobalt battery and a highly advanced mesh coil for an impressive 10,000 puff count. Aesthetically, the crystalline design and flat transparent mouthpiece make for a visually appealing and portable device that will appeal to customers who love simplicity and functionality.

With its stunning appearance and wide range of enticing flavours, the Crystal Pro Max is perfect for those who prefer to enjoy their favourite vape juice on the go. Its draw-activated mechanism makes it easy to use with no buttons or complex settings; simply inhale and savour the smooth vapours. With a large selection of fruit concoctions, including sweet and tangy Blueberry Cherry Cranberry and refreshing Red Apple Ice and Watermelon Ice, the Crystal Pro is the ideal choice for flavour enthusiasts.

Wholesale Crystal Pro Max: Bulk Purchase Options

The Crystal Pro Max is the next generation of disposable pods. Its crystal-clear design and mesh coil ensure high-quality vapour production, while the 10,000-puff capacity provides an extended and satisfying vaping session. Each device is also manufactured with quality in mind, undergoing extensive tests to ensure that each one meets the highest standards of quality.

Wholesale crystal pro max is available in packs of 10, offering an unbeatable value for both retailers and customers. Stock up on these disposable pods today to elevate your customer’s vaping journey and boost sales.

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