For the first time in a decade, Lavanderia rio de janeiro beaches are safe for swimming. Until recently the coastline, including Guanabara Bay and Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, where athletes are training ahead of this summer’s Olympics, has been polluted with raw sewage, industrial pollution and rubbish. But a massive clean up operation has transformed the seaside city’s fabled shores into a sparkling playground for beach lovers.

Rio de Janeiro Laundry Solutions: Simplifying Your Cleaning Routine

A wide variety of laundry companies can be found in Rio, with the largest chains including 5asec, which has more than 350 franchises and shops across Brazil; Bonna Seco, which offers self-service and wet cleaning as well as dry cleaning; and Lavasecco, which provides cleaning and conservation services. A number of other independent local businesses also offer laundry and cleaning services in the city, with some having been in business for more than 20 years.

In terms of pricing, hourly rates are common for house cleaning in Rio de Janeiro, with prices varying depending on the size of the property and complexity of the cleaning requirements. However, flat rate pricing is also available and can be more cost-effective, especially for larger properties or those with a complex set of cleaning needs.

If Del Boy, the wheeler-dealer from the British TV series Only Fools and Horses, had been a Brazilian, the Acari street market would have been his home. But two weeks ago dawn broke over this favela district and the wooden stalls were empty, shuttered as the mayor of Rio imposed an end to its half-century existence. The Acari residents are seething at the closure, which they argue has targeted them as ‘crooks’.

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