A full-featured remote, the proflame 2 transmitter controls the flame height, lights and blower speed on a variety of Direct Vent gas fireplace models. It also acts as a thermostat to automate heat regulation based on user-set temperature rules. This advanced control also offers the option to lock the remote to prevent unauthorized usage or accidental changes.

Powered by three AAA type batteries, the Proflame 2 transmitter features a streamline design with a simple key layout and informative LCD display (Fig. 1). The Mode Key is used to index between the features while a Thermostat Key turns on/off or indexes through thermostat functions.

The process to pair a proflame 2 transmitter with your fireplace can be a bit tricky because there are some specific steps that must be followed to ensure the synchronization between the two devices occurs successfully. Taking the time to understand how this system works can be very helpful for new owners of an existing proflame 2 system or anyone struggling with the synchronization issue.

Effortless Operation: Proflame 2 Transmitter in Action

Before beginning, it is important to make sure the handheld remote and receiver are properly powered and paired with one another. The first step is to locate the receiver box which is typically hidden within the fireplace or stove and open its battery backup compartment. Remove the old batteries and install four AA batteries. Once the new batteries are installed, press and release the Reset button located on the back of the receiver box. Once the transmitter is reprogrammed and re-paired with the receiver, the process can be repeated on the other handheld remote that needs to be re-paired with the receiver.

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